The Early Years – Program:

1. Curriculum derives ideas from Montessori, Play way and Kindergarten.
2. Focus on areas such as literacy, numerals and environmental awareness.
3. Innovative teaching methods using story telling audiovisual teaching aids, pictures and letter cards etc aiming to lay a strong foundation.

Primary Program

1. Aiming to improve conceptual understanding.
2. Developing linguistic skills by having national languages as 2nd and 3rd language options.
3. Focusing on improving English language Comprehension, Mathematical skills and awareness about our environment.
4. Focusing on conceptual learning.

Middle School Program:

1. Catering to the required academic rigor through advanced teaching and learning methods.
2. NCERT books, well planned lesson plans, Computer/Smart Board aided videos and teaching aids.
3. Upgraded curriculum to prepare the children to equip themselves to face all sorts of competitive exams
4. Standard wise Olympiad exams will be conducted, which will provide right platform for students to equip themselves to face all types of competitive exams.
5. Strengthing the basics.